Abdalla Bujra
Executive Director, DPMF
P.O. Box 3001 , Addis Ababa , Ethiopia
Telefax: +251-11-5515410: Tel: 251-11-4433197
E-mail: abdallab@gmail.com, abujra@uneca.org

Date and place of birth: 1st January 1938 in Malindi ( Kenya )
Nationality: Kenyan
Present Position: From March 1995 - Founding Director, Development Policy Management Forum (DPMF), Addis Ababa
Recent Positions: Adjunct Professor of Research, Sociology Department, Carleton University , Ottawa , Canada 2000-2004

Member of NEPAD Committee to establish the Africa Forum for Former Presidents and Heads of African State> The Africa Forum was launched in Maputo January 2006 and Hosted in Pretoria , South Africa

CEO of the OAU established International Panel of Eminent Personalities to investigate the 1994 Rwanda Genocide. The Panel was appointed by the OAU Heads of States and Governments- 1998-2000.

Award: 1992 Recipient of the first CODESRIA Award of "Distinguished African Social Scientist" ( Institution Building ), at CODESRIA's 20th Anniversary, on 29th November 1993, in Dakar , Senegal


1965: PhD - Social Anthropology at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

1958-61: B.A. Hons. - African Studies, SOAS, University of London

1957-58: GCE "A" Levels: Huddersfield College of Technology , England , UK

1951-55: GCE "O" Levels: Khamis Secondary School , Mombassa

1944-50: Lamu Primary School


1. journals
Founder and Editor (1976-87) of Africa Development (CODESRIA's quarterly bilingual (E/F) Pan-African Journal (CODESRIA - Council for the Development of Economic and Social Research in Africa ) – As Editor published 12 volumes

> Also substantive editor of the following Special numbers:

  Africa and the New International Economic Order: Vol. I, No.1, May 1976

•  Ideology and Development in Africa Vol. II, No.1.1977

•  Culture and Development in Africa , Vol. II, No.4, 1977

•  Social Science and Development in Africa , Vol. III No.4, 1978

•  The Lagos Plan of Action - A Discussion Vol. VII, No 3 & 4, 1982

•  Since 1995, Editor of The DPMN Bulletin, Journal of the Development Policy Management Forum, hosted at the UNECA in Addis Ababa


•  Author: The Politics of Stratification (Oxford University Press, 1971)

•  Editor and Contributor: “ Africa and the Future ”: a Special Issue of the Journal African Development Review , Vol. 7, No. 2, December 1995. Journal of the African Development Bank, Abidjan , Cote D'Ivoire . (see annex A)

•  Editor and Contributor: “Democratic Transition in Kenya : The Struggle from Liberal to Social Democracy”, 2005, Nairobi , Published by DPMF/ACEG.

> Co-edited and contributed in four books:

•  “Democracy, Civil Society and Good Governance” - a DPMF Book series based on papers presented at two DPMF Conferences in 1997 and 1998 –published 2001. Editors Abdalla Bujra and Said Adejumobi.

•  “Leadership, Civil Society and Democratisation in Africa ”. Monograph based on researches carried out in East Africa ( Kenya , Tanzania , Uganda , and Zimbabwe ); Editors Abdalla Bujra and Said Adejumobi; published 2002

•  “Leadership, Civil Society and Democratisation in Africa ”. Monograph based on research in Southern Africa ( Botswana , Lesotho , Namibia , South Africa , Swaziland and Zambia ): Editors Abdalla Bujra and Sipho Buthelezi; Published in 2002.

•  “Perspectives on the OAU/AU and Conflict Management in Africa ”. A DPMF/ACARTSOD publication: 2004. Editors Abdalla Bujra and Hussein Solomon (Published November 2004).


•  “Liberal Democracy and the Emergence of a Constitutionally Failed State in Kenya ”, Chapter 1. In “ Democratic Transition in Kenya : The Struggle from Liberal to Social Democracy ”, Editor Abdalla Bujra, Nairobi 2005, Published by DPMF and ACEG.

•  “The Role of Civil Society in African Conflicts” in “ The Role of AU in African Conflicts ”. DPMF/ACARTSOD Book: 2004, Editors: Bujra and Hussein Solomon.

•  “Pan-African Vision of the Political and Economic Development in Africa ”. DPMF Occasional Paper No.13, 2004.

•  “ Africa – Transition from the OAU to the AU”: published in UNDP' s South-South Journal 2003.

•  “Pan-African Vision of the Political and Economic Development in Africa ”. DPMF Occasional Paper No.13, 2004.

•  “ Africa – Transition from the OAU to the AU”: published in UNDP' s South-South Journal 2003.

•  “External and Internal Visions of Development in Africa : Are they Compatible? Published by University of Edinburgh in a book of same title, EUP 2003.

•  “Democracy, Development and Poverty Reduction”, published in DPMN Bulleting vol. Ix, No. 1, 2002.

•  “Afrabia and African Union”, Lecture delivered at published by ACARTSOD Tripoli, Libya 24 September 2002 

•  “ Africa : Transition from the OAU to the AU”, Lecture delivered at and published by ACARTSOD Tripoli, Libya on 23 September 2002

•  “An Afrabian perspective of the Arab African Relations”. Paper prepared for Colloque on “L'espace Arabe Africain” in Cairo , Egypt 27-29 May 2002.

•  j. “African Conflicts: A Discussion of their Causes and their Political and Social Environment”: Paper presented to a Workshop organised by the UNECA (ESPD) and the World Bank, Addis Ababa, April 2000.

•  k. Reconstructing the State for Development in Post Conflict countries in Africa . DPMN Bulletin, Vol. VI No.1, November 1999

•  l. “ Whither Africa ” (in French), in Poles, Vol. I, No.2, Paris. 1997

•  Substantive contributor to the main conceptual paper of the UNDP's National long-term Perspective Studies (NLTPS) in Africa Project: “A Methodological Guide To The NLTPS Process" Published by UNDP, African Futures, Jan. 1993. 33p, Abidjan , Cote d'Ivoire

•  Author of African Future's methodological paper “Constructing the Base: Analysing the Forces of Social Change in an African Country”. Research Guideline to the National Core Teams of Phase II of the NLTPS Process. 35p. Published by UNDP, African Futures, February 1994, Abidjan , Cote d'Ivoire

•  m. “Whither African Social Science Institutions: A Prognosis”: Published in Africa Development , a CODESRIA Journal, March, 1994, Dakar , Senegal .

•  p. Bujra A.S. & Atta-Mills C. “The Zaria Declaration of African Social Scientists on the Adjustment of the African Economies to the World Crises” CODESRIA Document, 1985, Dakar , Senegal

•  r. Bujra A.S. - An Epistemological Overview: CODESRIA's First Decade (1973-1983) CODESRIA Document-1983

•  Bujra A.S. - CODESRIA & Social Sciences in Africa - CODESRIA occasional paper no. 4, 1982, Dakar , Senegal

•  Bujra et al, “Social Science and the Development Crises in Africa: Problems and Prospects”, in Africa Development, Vol. III, No.4,1978, Dakar , Senegal

•  Bujra and Mkandawire: “The Evolution of Social Science in Africa: Problems and Prospects” Africa Development, Vol. V,No.4, 1980

•  “Unintended Consequences of Sedentarisation: The Awlad Ali of the Western Desert of Egypt” in the Desert and the Sown , edited by Cynthia Nelson, 1972

•  z. “Colonialism and the Nationalist Elite in South Arabia ”, Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, May 1970

•  Z(i)“The Politics of Stratification in Hadramaut”, I and II in

•  Journal of the Middle Eastern Studies, Vol. 3, Nos. 1 and 4, 1967


•  “The Role of Regional Organizations in Economic Development in Africa ”. Paper delivered at the Second International Conference on the Ethiopian Economy, organized by the EEA, Addis Ababa , June 2004.

•  “Reflections on the Evolution of CODESRIA, Critical Social Science and the African Social Science Community”, Paper presented at CODESRIA's 30 th Anniversary Conference, December 2003, Dakar

•  “Islam in Eastern Africa : Historical Legacy and Contemporary Challenges” 2002. Prepared for a book on Islam in Africa . Edited by Professor Mazrui of Binghamton University , NY , USA .

•  Governance and Development. Speech delivered at an International Conference at UNECA, 2001.

•  Impact of Globalisation on Higher Education in Africa . Paper delivered at International Conference of UNESCO in Oman , March 2001.

•  Supervised, Edited and Contributed to writing of the IPEP/OAU Report on the Rwanda Genocide “The Preventable Genocide” August 1998 – July 2000, 350 pages. Report presented to OAU Secretary General and African Heads of States at the OAU Summit in Lome . July 2000. Published by OAU in 2000.

•  Commentary on Ch.2, “Governance, Conflict Management and State Reconstruction” of the book, “Can Africa Claim the 21 st Century”? – Sponsored by AERC/ADB/UNECA/ECA/WB/December 1999.

•  “The Hadhramis in East Africa : Identity, Integration and Relations with Hadhramaut”. Paper presented at a SOAS conference, University of London , 1995

•  “The Dialogue between Policy Makers and Research Institutions: The Historical and Socio-Political Context”. Joint paper with Elwathig Kamer and presented by Kamer at a UNECA/PHSD Workshop for senior Policy Makers, Rabat , 1992

•  “Anthropology and the African Crises: Challenging the Dilemma”, paper presented at a CODESRIA Workshop "Anthropology in Africa: Past, Present and Emerging Visions", Dakar , Nov.1991

•  “Cultural Context in the Evolution of Social Science in Africa”, Paper presented at a joint seminar of the Institute of Global Cultural Studies and the Brudel Center , SUNY, Binghamton , USA , 1991

•  “ Lamu Town : An Overview of its Historical and Contemporary Development”. Paper presented to a Workshop organised by Shelter Afrique, Lamu, 1991

•  Swahili Studies: A reconceptualization - paper presented to the National Museum of Kenya, July 1989

•  Foreign Financing of Research and the Development of African Social Science. Paper presented at a CODESRIA Symposium, Kampala , November, 1990

•  Ethnicity, Nation Building and the State in Africa - a position paper prepared as an input to the process of Policy Formulation in Kenya, December, 1990, 52p.

•  An Evaluative History of CODESRIA, Part I, 1973-85, Dakar , Senegal , 1988 (250p)

•  Rural Development and Socialism: The Tanzanian Case (Discussion Paper, University of Dar es Salaam, 1972)

•  A Socio-Economic Development Plan for Mundemu Ujamaa Village - Tanzania : A Discussion of Issues - Part I, Agriculture (Report No. 4 to the Government of Tanzania 1974)

•  Urbanization in Sub-Saharan Africa: A research programme (Working paper of a UNESCO conference, 1973

•  The young child in Ujamaa Villages - Tanzania (Paper No. 3 - Report to UNICEF, 1974)

•  Operation Dodoma (Report No. 1, 1971) to TANU and the Tanzanian Government). A preliminary study of the movement of a semi-pastoralist people in Ujamaa villages in the Dodoma Region of Tanzania

•  Operation Dodoma (Report No. 2, 1971)

•  Kwale District ( Kenya ) and the Special Rural Development Project (SRDP). A preliminary analysis (Report presented to IDS, University of Nairobi, 1970)

•  The Social Consequences of Economic Development Policies in the Western Province of Egypt (1970) Paper presented at Social Research Centre, American University in Cairo

•  The Urbanization of a Semi-nomadic Tribe (A report to the Egyptian Government, 1967).



•  Adjunct Research Professor, Carleton University , Ottawa , Canada since 2000-2004 to present

•  1991 - Visiting Professor, Institute for Global Cultural Studies, SUNY, Binghamton , USA

•  1986-7: Visiting Professor, Ch. Michelson Institute, University of Bergen , Norway

•  1975-6: Visiting Professor, Institute for Development & Economic Planning (IDEP), Dakar , Senegal

•  1973-5: Head, Sociology Department, University of Dar es Salaam

•  1971-3: Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor/Acting Head, Sociology Department, University of Dar es Salaam

•  1970-1: Senior Lecturer, University of Nairobi . 1969 (July-December)

•  Visiting Scholar, African Studies Programme, Northwestern University , USA ,

•  1968-70: Lecturer, University of Nairobi

•  1967-68: Visiting Lecturer, School of Oriental & African Studies, University of London

•  1965-67: Assistant Professor, Social Research Centre, American University in Cairo

•  1964-65: Assistant Lecturer, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London .


•  2000-2002: Organising and co-ordinating 30 researchers undertaking country studies on (i) African Conflicts – 6 researchers in 6 East Africa countries, (ii) Leadership, Civil Society and Democratisation – 13 researchers in 10 Eastern and Southern Africa countries

•  1998-2000: Supervising and conducting research on the 1994 Rwanda Genocide and the Political Problems of the Great Lakes countries – DRC, Burundi , Rwanda in particular

•  1995 to present: initiating and guiding sub-regional research groups to carry out research on democratisation and development policy management

•  1990: Conceptualisation and preparation of documents for a research programme and a Conference of African Heads of States, on Science and Technology for Development in Africa . I carried out this task as Executive Secretary of a Programme on "Management of Science and Technology for Development in Africa " (MANSCI), Chaired by General Obasanjo.

1990. Conceptualised and directed a pilot research project on


1. 1975-88: Executive Secretary, CODESRIA

I was the first full-time Executive Secretary of CODESRIA. Built up the organization from an unknown one office with deficit budget to its presently recognised status as the Social Science Research Council in Africa . CODESRIA has its own substantive HQ in Dakar , Senegal , with fixed assets, a substantive Secretariat and budget and diplomatic status with the Government of Senegal.

During the period in office and as part of mobilizing the African Social Science Community, I conceptualised, initiated, and contributed substantively to 50 conferences/seminars/workshops in different countries and on many different development themes - such as industrialization, rural development, economic integration, technology, population, etc.(see Annex B). It was also my responsibility to raise funds for all these meetings. As part of this process of mobilization and research, we set up many (i) Pan-African Research Groups (ii) National Research Groups. The end result of all these activities were the publications of CODESRIA - initiated by me during my period in CODESRIA.

2. 1990 Executive Secretary, MANSCI

In January, 1990, I was appointed Executive Secretary to the Nairobi based "Management of Science and Technology for Development in Africa " (MANSCI). This is a Programme of the Future Actions Committee chaired by General Obasanjo former President of Nigeria, and is sponsored by the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE) and the African Academy of Sciences (AAS).

3. In March 1990, I was appointed by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Kenya to be a Member of the Presidential Committee on Employment ( Kenya ), 1990.

4. 1991 Visiting professor at IGCS, SUNY Binghamton, USA

In July 1991 I was appointed a Visiting Professor at the Institute of Global Cultural Studies (Director Prof. Ali Mazrui) at SUNY, Binghamton during which period I taught two courses (with Prof. Mazrui) on" Africa in World Politics" and "Islam in World Politics". I also gave seminar papers at the Institute and at the Africana Centre, Cornell University .

5. From February 1992 to February 1995 I joined UNDP's African Futures project (NLTPS) based in Abidjan , Cote D'Ivoire , as an expert in Sociology and Human Resources Development in the 5 member Regional Team.

7. From August 1998 to August 2000: appointed as Secretary to the International Panel of Eminent Personalities to investigate the 1994 genocide in Rwanda (IPEP) and Chief Executive Officer of its Secretariat. IPEP was set up y the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the OAU. It is an independent Panel, chaired by President Masire and supported by the OAU. It is financed mainly by donors.


English: speaking and writing - excellent.

French: working knowledge.

Arabic: speaking – good, writing - fair

Swahili: speaking and writing – excellent (Mother Tongue)