Date Position Held University/Institute
1998 to present  
Adjunct Research Professor
Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada 
1991 -
Visiting Professor
Institute for Global Cultural Studies, SUNY, Binghamton, USA  
Visiting Professor
Ch. Michelson Institute, University of Bergen, Norway  
Visiting Professor
Institute for Development & Economic Planning (IDEP), Dakar, Senegal  
Sociology Department, University of Dar es Salaam
Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor/Acting Head
Sociology Department, University of Dar es Salaam
Senior Lecturer,
University of Nairobi. 1969 (July-December)  
Visiting Scholar
African Studies Programme, Northwestern University, USA,  
University of Nairobi  
Visiting Lecturer
School of Oriental & African Studies, University of London  
Assistant Professor
Social Research Centre, American University in Cairo  
Assistant Lecturer
School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London.  
Courses taught  
Elements of Sociology and Social Anthropology/East African Societies and Environment/Social Institutions/Social Change and Development/Introduction to Social Development/Rural Sociology/Introduction to Islam (Universities of Nairobi, Dar-es-Salaam, and SUNY at Binghamton)  
Social Change in Sub‑Saharan Africa / Sociology of the Middle‑East / Methods and Techniques of field research in the Third World (SOAS-London, Northwestern University)  
Supervising of research and students' theses on Rural Development/Conceptualising and planning of conferences on "Rural Development in Africa and Asia" (Tananarive, Madagascar), "Development and the Freedom Struggle in Southern Africa" (Dar es Salaam), "Transition to Socialism in Somalia" (Mogadiscio)  
Supervised several PhD and MA Students  (Universities of Nairobi and Dar-es-Salaam).
Date Position Held
1975-88 Executive Secretary, CODESRIA  

I was the first full‑time Executive Secretary of  CODESRIA.  Built up the organization from an unknown one office with deficit budget to its presently recognised status as the Social Science Research Council in Africa.  CODESRIA has its own substantive HQ in Dakar, Senegal, with fixed assets, a substantive Secretariat and budget and diplomatic status with the Government of Senegal.  

During the period in office and as part of mobilizing the African Social Science Community, I conceptualised, initiated, and contributed substantively to 50 conferences/seminars/workshops in different countries and on many different development themes ‑ such as industrialization, rural development, economic integration, technology, population, etc.(see Annex B). It was also my responsibility to raise funds for all these meetings.  As part of this process of mobilization and research, we set up many (i)  Pan‑African Research Groups (ii)  National Research Groups.  The end result of all these activities were the publications of CODESRIA ‑ initiated by me during my period in CODESRIA.

These were:

a.       Bilingual (English/French)  Quarterly Pan‑African Journal - Africa Development.  Founding Editor 1976‑86  (Published 12 Volumes). Journal is continuing.

b.       Book Series  (10 books - series continuing - see annex C)

c        Working Paper Series  (30 working papers - series continuing)

d.       Occasional Paper Series  (10 occasional papers - series continuing)

e.       Newsletter  (Quarterly - 1977-1986 - continuing)

f.        I also started and initiated other major CODESRIA activities as follows: -

i.        A computerised Information and Documentation Centre (CODICE) servicing African researchers and institutions, through its international network with major African and European/North American Data Banks as well as those of the sister Regional Associations

ii.       An exhaustive data base on African social science researchers and institutions (in collaboration with OECD directories of researchers/on‑going research/ training and research institutions are published every 2 or so years)

iii.      The strengthening of social science faculties and research institutions, which are CODESRIA's main constituencies.

iv.      Moral, material and substantive support to other African social science institutions (e.g. expertise in the establishment of ZIDS ‑ Zimbabwe Institute of Development Studies; hosting of AAWORD secretariat ‑ Association of African Women for Research & Development, OSSREA and SAUSC.

v.     Negotiated observer status for CODESRIA with the OAU, and the UN.

vi.      Participation in formation of collaborative links with other regional social science research institutions, through ICCDA (Inter‑Regional Coordinating Committee of Development Association).          I was the first Secretary of ICCDA from 1976 to 1980. ICCDAs other members are CLACSO (Consejo Latinoamerricano de Ciencias Sociales), EADI (European Association of Development Institutes), ADIPA (Association of Development Research & Training Institutes of Asia and the Pacific), and AICARDES (Association of the Arab Research Institute and Centre for Economic and Social Development).  

1990  Executive Secretary, MANSCI  

In January, 1990, I was appointed Executive Secretary to the Nairobi based  "Management of Science and Technology for Development in Africa" (MANSCI).  This is a Programme of the Future Actions Committee chaired by General Obasanjo former President of Nigeria, and is sponsored by the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE) and the African Academy of Sciences (AAS).

In March 1990  
I was appointed by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Kenya to be a Member of the Presidential Committee on Employment (Kenya), 1990.  
1991 Visiting professor at IGCS, SUNY Binghamton, USA
In July 1991 Visiting Professor 
I was appointed a Visiting Professor at the Institute of Global Cultural Studies (Director Prof. Ali Mazrui) at SUNY, Binghamton during which period I taught two courses (with Prof. Mazrui) on" Africa in World Politics" and "Islam in World Politics". I also gave seminar papers at the Institute and at the Africana Centre, Cornell University.  
February 1992  Expert
From February 1992 I joined UNDP's African Futures project (NLTPS) based in Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire, as an expert in Sociology and Human Resources Development in the 5 member Regional Team. 
In 1995 Director
I was appointed Director of DPMF (Development Policy Management Forum) to establish the Forum, work out its programme, create a pan-African network, initiate publications and raise funds for the Forum. The DPMF is an African NGO run by a Management Board.  The Forum is based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and hosted at the UNECA.  
From August 1998 to August 2000 Secretary to the IPEP
I was appointed as Secretary to the International Panel of Eminent Personalities to investigate the 1994 genocide in Rwanda (IPEP) and Chief Executive Officer of its Secretariat.  IPEP was set up y the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the OAU.  It is an independent Panel, chaired by President Masire and supported by the OAU.  It is financed mainly by donors.