2006-2007 Leading research project on “Social Policy, Development and Governance in Kenya” – facilitated by DPMF Nairobi.
2006-2005 Coordinated a meeting of 25 young African researchers to discuss their researches on “Civil Society Organisations, Governance and Regional Integration in Africa”. Papers being edited for publication in a book.
2005-2006 Coordinated research funded by IDEA on “Political Parties in Eastern Africa – Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Sudan”. Research Reports being edited for publication.

Coordinated comparative research project on “Cross-border conflict amongst Pastoral communities in Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya, Uganda and Somalia” .Policy Briefs and Research Reports to be published.

2005 Member of the NEPAD Steering Committee formed to prepare and establish “The Africa Forum of Former Heads of States” – presently Chaired by former President of Mozambique President Chisano.
2003-2005 Coordinated research and capacity building on Regional Integration and Governance, and the APRM Process undertaken by two Networks in East Africa (RECINET for the EAC) and Southern Africa (SAINET for SADC), through two Institutes/Centres the Nairobi Centre for Governance and Development (CGD) and the Johannesburg based Electoral Institute of South Africa (EISA).
2002-2004 Chaired a Committee of distinguished Kenyan scholars and supervised Ford Foundation funded research on Governance in Kenya facilitated by the Nairobi based ACEG. The result of the research has been published (2005) in a book which I edited and contributed to – “Democratic Transition in Kenya: the struggle from Liberal to social Democracy”
2000-2002 Organising and co-ordinating 30 researchers undertaking country studies on (i) African Conflicts - 6 researchers in 6 East Africa countries, (ii) Leadership, Civil Society and Democratisation - 13 researchers in 10 Eastern and Southern Africa countries  

Supervising and conducting research on the 1994 Rwanda Genocide and the Political Problems of the Great Lakes countries - DRC, Burundi, Rwanda in particular  

1995 to present

Initiating and guiding sub-regional research groups to carry out research on democratisation and development policy management  in Eastern and Southern Africa


Conceptualisation and preparation of documents for a research programme and a Conference of African Heads of States, on Science and Technology for Development in Africa. I carried out this task as Executive Secretary of a Programme on "Management of Science and Technology for Development in Africa" (MANSCI), Chaired by General Obasanjo.  


Conceptualised and directed a pilot research project on "Interfacing Science and Technology with Industry and Government". The research was carried out in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Two workshops were held on the project.  


Prepared a research proposal on "A Comparative Operational Research Project on S&T for the creation of linking structures between R&D Community and Industry and the Reorientation of National S&T Policies". A 40p proposal submitted to John D. Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation  


"Mobilising the S&T Triangle: Researchers, Industrialists and Policy Makers". A proposal for a series of Pan-African conferences to discuss new S&T policy initiatives. A 30p proposal presented to the World Bank.  


Conceptualisation and preparation of documentation on an interdisciplinary research programme on the Indian Ocean basin (East African coast, South Arabia, India, Sri Lanka and South East Asia), University of Bergen, Norway.  


"The Evolution of Social Science in Africa since Independence" - An enquiry through tape-recorded in depth interviews (22 hours of tape) of 26 leading African and Africanist social scientists, on their perception of the role and evolution of social science in Africa. The project was supplemented by extensive reading during 6 months sabbatical at Ch. Michelson Institute and the University of Bergen, Norway, and informed by personal experience in university teaching and leadership of CODESRIA.


Coordinator of CERDAS/CODESRIA Research Group on Urbanization in Africa. Chairman of CODESRIA Working Group on Sociology of Development  

1975-1987 As head of CODESRIA I was involved in the coordination of research on major development topics through the creation of multi-national teams which carried out comparative research and also through the creation of national research groups. Also I was involved in editing and extensive publication of research findings from the CODESRIA research groups through the journal Africa Development, Book series and Working and Occasional Papers.


Continuous research on housing conditions in Dar es Salaam (under sponsorship of the Tanzania's National Housing Corporation and the University of Dar es Salaam -Sociology Department).  


Continuous field research on the implementation of the rural development policy of Ujamaa villages in Dodoma region, central Tanzania (under sponsorship of the ruling party TANU and the University of Dar es Salaam - Sociology Department).


2 years' field research in Egypt and studying the sedentarisation of the nomadic people of Egypt's Western Desert - bordering Libya.  


1 year's field research for PhD thesis (Social Anthropology) in Hadhramaut, South Yemen.