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African Regional Organisations and Economic Development

AU Brainstorming Meeting Opening Points October 2003

AU Opening Statement to DPMF.AISA Conference

From OAU to AU: Vissions of African Development from the Lagos Plan of Action (LPA) to NEPAD

Africa from the OAU to the AU and from the Lagos Plan of action (LPA) to NEPAD

Prof. Abdalla Bujra's Keynote Address on the occassion of CODESRIA's 30th Anniversary

Lagos Plan of Action for the economic development of Africa 1980 - 2000

Pan-African Political and Economic Visions of Development : From the OAU to AU and From LPA to NEPAD

VOICES OF REASONS-The great leap forward: Securing Kenya's Future in the Post-Referendum Period

Presentation to TRID meeting on RECs (31/10/03)

Notes for Presentation of Paper: From the OAU to AU and from LPA to NEPAD

The Role of African Universities in Development: Perspectives and Prospects

The African Union and the New Strategies for Development in Africa

Social sectors statistics in Kenya

Peace, Conflict and Development Programme Initiative Conflict Researchers Experts meeting - Eastern Africa and the Horn of Africa

Social Policy in Kenya

Islam in Eastern Africa: Historical Legacy and Contemporary Challenges

Civil Society, Leadership and the Democratic Process in Africa: What Prospects?

Indian Ocean

Liberal Democracy and the Emergence of a Constitutionally Failed State in Kenya

The Role of Civil Society Organizations in African Conflicts

Introduction to the Kenya Book- Democratic Transition in Kenya


Below is a list of material from some Professor Bujra's speeches, keynote addresses and publication abstracts.
Note that NONE of the material should be reproduced without the prior consent of Abdalla Bujra

Visions of African Development  - From the Lagos Plan Of Action (LPA) to NEPAD, from OAU  to AU.

From the OAU to the AU  - Can the new African Union now working to get into operation, improve despite the Impacts of Globalisation and Structural aadjustment?

Experience of the OAU in Resolving Conflicts  

Africa and Global Governance post 9-11  - Challenges and Prospects

Civil Society, Leadership and Democratic Process in Africa : What Prospects?  - Preface of the book on Leadership within four East African Countries

Governance and Sustainable Development in Africa   - Speech made to American International Conference in Addis Ababa

State Capability and Leadership Development : Some Initial Reflections  - Presentation to the 4th Conference of Ministers on Leadership, Cape Town, 2003

Indian Ocean Region  - Preliminary paper to conceptualise a major research programme which will cover the Indian Ocean, with the aim of discovering strategic social processes and phenomenon common to the 'region'

ZIORI speech - Notes on the Indian Ocean Region

African Regional Organisations and Economic Development- Presentation to the International Conference on the Ethiopian Economy

Reflections on Evolution of Codesria, Critical Social Science and African Social Science Community - Keynote to Codesria's 30th Anniversary Summit, Dakar, Senegal, December 2003

a) Founder and Editor (1976-87) of Africa Development (CODESRIA's quarterly bilingual (E/F) Pan-African Journal (CODESRIA - Council for the Development of Economic and Social Research in Africa) - published 12 volumes

b) Also substantive editor of the following Special numbers:

  • i.    Africa and the New International Economic Order: Vol. I, No.1, May 1976
  • ii.   Ideology and Development in Africa Vol. II, No.1.1977
  • iii. Culture and Development in Africa, Vol. II, No.4, 1977
  • iv.  Social Science and Development in Africa, Vol. III No.4, 1978
  • v.  The Lagos Plan of Action : A Discussion Vol. VII, No 3 & 4, 1982

Editor of The DPMN Bulletin, Journal of the Development Policy Management Forum, hosted at the UNECA in Addis Ababa


  • Author: The Politics of Stratification (Oxford University Press, 1971)
  • Editor: "Africa and The Future": a Special Issue of the Journal African Development Review, Vol. 7, No. 2, December 1995.  Journal of the African Development Bank, Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire. (see annex A)
  • Co-edited three books:
    (i)      "Democracy, Civil Society and Good Governance" - a DPMF Book series based on papers presented at two DPMF Conferences in 1997 and 1998 -published 2001.
    (ii)      Co-edited monograph based on researches carried out in East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zimbabwe) on "Leadership, Civil Society and Democratisation" - published 2002.
    (iii)     Co-edited monograph based on research in Southern Africa (Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland and Zambia) on "Leadership, Civil Society and Democratisation" - published in 2002.


  • "Africa - Transition from the OAU to the AU": published in UNDPs South-South Journal 2003.
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  • "African Conflicts: A Discussion of their Causes and their Political and Social Environment": Paper presented to a Workshop organised by the UNECA (ESPD) and the World Bank, Addis Ababa, April 2000.
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  • Governance and Development.  Speech delivered at an International Conference at UNECA, 2001.
  • Impact of Globalisation on Higher Education in Africa. Paper delivered at International Conference of UNESCO in Oman, March 2001.
  • Supervised, Edited and Contributed to writing of the IPEP/OAU Report on the Rwanda Genocide "The Preventable Genocide" August 1998 - July 2000, 350 pages.  Report presented to OAU Secretary General and African Heads of States at the OAU Summit in Lome. July 2000. Published by OAU in 2000.
  • Commentary on Ch.2, "Governance, Conflict Management and State Reconstruction" of the forthcoming book, co-ordinated by the Global Coalition for Africa, "Can Africa Claim the 21st Century"? - Sponsored by AERC/ADB/UNECA/ECA/WB/December 1999.
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  • "Lamu Town: An Overview of its Historical and Contemporary Development". Paper presented to a Workshop organised by Shelter Afrique, Lamu, 1991
  • Swahili Studies: A reconceptualization - paper presented to the National Museum of Kenya, July 1989
  • Foreign Financing of Research and the Development of African Social Science. Paper presented at a CODESRIA Symposium, Kampala, November, 1990
  • Ethnicity, Nation Building and the State in Africa - a position paper prepared as an input to the process of Policy Formulation in Kenya, December, 1990, 52p.
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  • Kwale District (Kenya) and the Special Rural Development Project (SRDP). A preliminary analysis (Report presented to IDS, University of Nairobi, 1970)
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